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Persecuted to Love is one soldier’s story of resilience and dependence on God. The persecution directed at Lieutenant Mason began when he reported what he thought was an isolated racist attack he endured at his cavalry unit in Iraq. When matters were not addressed, he uncovered an abusive culture in the Army that some would murder to cover up. Mason courageously fought to expose the truth while Army leaders fought to destroy his career. His pleas for protection and accountability were ignored by Congress, the White House, the Department of Justice and even the President himself.

A man of faith, Mason prayed unceasingly amid character assassination and threats on his life. Unconditional love and reconciliation were the only answers to the attacks that ended in his forced early retirement. He discovered that fear was at the root of his forced discharge—fear of accountability, exposure, consequences, and change. Those who ignored the truth and those who continue to abuse soldiers never intended for his story to come to fruition. Motivated by the love of God, now Retired, Captain Mason shares his transformational experience in Persecuted to Love.

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